Brooklyn Launch

Brooklyn Startup: Haus: Pay, Manage, and Split Bills with Roommates

Anyone who has ever lived with roommates – whether you knew them going in or not – knows how much of a hassle managing bills can be. It just is. It has nothing to do with the actual roommates or landlord or service providers, splitting up and paying bills is just inherently a hassle. That said, we just came across a startup that wants to take the hassle out of splitting bills. Haus.

At its core Haus is a utility to make your home life easier: from paying your bills on time, to remembering where you put that lease, to dealing with perpetually-late-paying roommates.1

The strength of Haus lies in its simplicity and narrowness. So often, startups get bogged down in adding more and more features, more and more bells and whistles. Haus has, on the other hand, taken a relatively simple, scaled back approach, focusing only on the features that make sense.

Haus allows you to manage and pay bills from any utility company or subscription service. The app provides a single destination and overview for any situation regarding your home — utilities, cable, internet — and is especially useful when you’re splitting those costs with others. No more chaos. Just Haus.2

The Haus app just launched in private beta for New York City residents. Check it out on their website.

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