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Brooklyn Startup LEIF Brings Snowboarding to The Streets


Although we don’t really focus on crowdfunding all that much, we just came across a product that is too cool to pass up. Anyone who read any of my stuff from TechFaster knows that I am a big skateboard fan. I still ride quite a bit, but I am nowhere near the level I once was. Anyhow, whenever I see a cool new skateboard or skateboarding technology, I am inclined to write about it. However, of all the various skateboard tech that I have seen over the years, The LEIF is certainly one of the most interesting

LEIF bills itself as “your snowboard away from the mountain.”1 Essentially, the board utilizes the same riding components of a snowboard: hard carving, riding on an edge, sliding, and much more. Oh, it also has a motor, so there is no work involved. Sign me up.

Riding the LEIF captures the exhilaration, mechanics and feel of snowboarding. The same snowboarding body movements produce the same result and ride on pavement.

Carving on the LEIF allows the you to lean hard into turns and cut across the pavement. Sliding on the LEIF feels as though the board is cutting through the pavement like a freshly-groomed mountain slope.2 

The key component that allows the LEIF to ride like a snowboard is the tandem-rotating powered castor wheel. According to the team, “This technology allows smooth transitions between edges on the LEIF, as well as the ability to ride sideways or spin down the street with an infinite number of rotations – without losing power or twisting wires.”3 Here is a good look at the castor wheel system of the LEIF:

The LEAF looks awesome. The only possible downside is the cost. At $1299, it is quite expensive.