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ISTE 2017: Fusfoo Is Connecting High School Students Through Video

ISTE-Preview-topper ISTE 2017: Fusfoo Is Connecting High School Students Through VideoISTE 2017: New York Startup Fusfoo Is A Video Network for High School Students, By High School Students

Fusfoo-top ISTE 2017: Fusfoo Is Connecting High School Students Through Video

What if high school students had their own cable network, what would they do, what would the content be? New York startup Fusfoo had provided high school students with their own network to create content and share it with other high school students, globally. They do this in a safe, bully free educational and engaging space.

Fusfoo is the first high school national digital network where both video and editorial content is created by high school students for high school students. Every US high school will have its own digital channel where students will have the opportunity to create, edit, and curate editorial and video content from their schools, their communities and any other place they can capture content. High school channels will also be able to repost content to their local channel from other high schools and from the national Fusfoo channel.” co-founder Evan Denner said last year.

Now, the platform is up and running and filled with great content. Students are sharing everything from charitable projects, trips to Europe, tech reviews and even reflections as seniors prepare to graduate and go on to college. Most of the content includes a video and long form text content talking about the video. Each school has their own channel and the public can peruse videos and content that teachers have approved. It’s a great way for high school students to connect with one another.

singlewire-ISTE-2017 ISTE 2017: Fusfoo Is Connecting High School Students Through Video

We checked out Bengal Tech Academy’s Fusfoo page, the Virginia high school uses Fusfoo as a 21st century newspaper of sorts. They’ve published a variety of content ranging from reports about bee stings, rain forests and heat stroke, to personal training videos and even a PSA about drunk driving. Fusfoo has really provided a canvas that high school students and their faculty advisors can use for just about anything.

“The platform is all about discovery, students being discovered as well as self-discovery, providing students with the opportunity to learn from their high school peers across the country.  Fusfoo is the perfect high school recipe — one part safe social platform, one part education and one part entertainment.” co-founder Bob Ferraro Jr said in a statement.

Fusfoo has some heavy hitters on their advisory squad. Former Viacom (MTV Networks/Nickelodeon) Executive, Diane Robina  is one of the startups advisors.  Dani Finkel is Fusfoo’s Creative Director she spent nearly a decade as the art director for the legendary Tower Records.

Fusfoo is one of the more unique companies that will be exhibiting at ISTE 2017. Their platform is a must have for high schools. You can check it out for yourself at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, June 25th-28th, booth #647 and online at just don’t ask them what Fusfoo means.

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