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ISTE 2017: Buncee Is The Digital Creation Tool You’ve Been Looking For


NY EdTech Startup Buncee Is The Digital Canvas You’ve Been Looking For, For Students
buncee-top ISTE 2017: Buncee Is The Digital Creation Tool You've Been Looking For

With Chromebooks being a standard in the classroom, one of the easiest ways for teachers and students to interact on a digital medium is with Google slides. While everyone appreciates the almost no instructions needed mantra of Google, sometimes that means features are lacking.

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Word, then gone to Google Docs, and back to Word, you quickly realize how limited Google Docs can be. The same thing goes for Google Slides vs Power Point in the business world. In the education world, it’s Google Slides vs Buncee.

Buncee is a collaborative digital creation tool that is taking the education world by storm, especially at younger levels. The team behind Buncee has packed it full of features and at the same time made it easy enough for a first grader to use. That’s a feat in itself.

When you add in the amazing story behind the creation of Buncee, you’re talking about a technology marvel.

Marie Arturi spoke to the Huffington Post over the summer and explained how her families horrible tragedy and loss turned into the Buncee tool.

“years ago, my daughter, Daniella, passed away from treatment complications related to a very rare bone marrow failure disorder, called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). Our family’s loss motivated us to find a cure for this disease and to help other children in hopes that what happened to her wouldn’t happen again. We established the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation to fund efforts to advance the state of DBA science and ultimately find a cure.

At the end of one of our medical research conferences, I was following up with everyone and wanted to send them my thanks and share the full story of our meetings. Primarily, I wanted to share a digital story of the event. I found that at the time, there wasn’t a tool in existence that would enable me to combine photos, videos, research articles, and a personal message beautifully. I was looking for a media-rich creation tool with a personal touch. I wasn’t a designer, nor did I use photoshop. It had to be a very easy-to-use tool. Through that journey, Buncee was born.” Arturi told the Huffington Post.

At it’s core, Buncee is a tool that allows students and teachers (well anyone) to create mutlimedia rich presentations that can include, videos, slides, pdf’s and other media. When it’s all put together the intended recipient sees the presentation the way the creator wants them to.

At the educational level, teachers are given access to a dashboard that allows them to critique, help and see what students are working on.

It’s not an easy mission to create a technology tool that appeals to students. When doing so you have to not only factor in the teacher’s ease of use, but also whether or not the students will like it. Buncee has achieved both.

“Buncee is the best and most creative tool! Once you see this amazing website, you will immediately fall in love with Buncee! Buncee is a great tool to use and is a whole new experience that other companies don’t have! Buncee is something that everyone should use! This creation is fast, fun, and easy!” a 4th grade student said.

You can check out Buncee in person at ISTE 2017, June 25-28th in San Antonio, Booth 759 or you can check them out online here at 

Check Buncee out in person where the Buncee Ambassadors will be making presentations at the Buncee Booth at FETC January 24-27th in Orlando Florida.

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