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Nudgespot: IFTTT for the sales funnel

In any sales-driven environment, customers are the ultimate goal. Customers and sales, though, can be a tough thing to generate. Even if you have a good product, good marketing, good pitch, and so on, sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes potential customers need an extra nudge to buy. That’s where the aptly named Nudgespot comes in.

In a nutshell, Nudgespot catches potential customers that have slipped past the funnel, it gently nudges them back towards it. Nudgespot, however, has a pretty unique take on this customer life-cycle management process. Rather than just blasting out emails or sms messages to everyone who abandoned a shopping cart, Nudgespot allows users to set up many different trigger actions, or in-actions, that result in a different nudge. It also allows for customer, or potential customer segmentation – think a daily visitor vs. a user who visited once. In a way, Nudgespot acts as a sort of IFTTT for the sales funnel.

Nudgespot is the easiest way to trigger tailor-made messages, across any channel, to your user base based on what they’re doing or not doing on your site/app. We are channel-agnostic (email, SMS, push notifications, in-app), and vertical-agnostic (we have customers from transport, e-commerce, education, offline retail to name a few). Think of Nudgespot as a hot-line between your business and your customers.1

Nudgespot-2 Nudgespot: IFTTT for the sales funnel

We had a chance to speak with the Nudgespot team during TechCrunch Disrupt NY last week. They told us a bit more about the platform:

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