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Tentrr Is Airbnb For Effortless Camping

New York Startup Tentrr Is Making Camping As Easy As Booking An Airbnb

Tentrr-top Tentrr Is Airbnb For Effortless Camping

Leave it to a New York based entrepreneur to leave the world of investment banking to start a camping startup. That’s the story for Tentrr founder and CEO Michael D’Agostino who’s startup is making it as easy to go camping as it is to book an airbnb. You’re probably thinking, no way, with camping you still have to pack sleeping bags, food, portable grills, water and more. Nope, D’Agostino has thought of just about everything to make camping effortless.

Tentrr is made up of a network of campsites on private property. The owners of the campsites pay $1500 to join Tentrr and then receive residuals as campers take to their site. Campsite owners can be as friendly and as outgoing to campers as they would like. Perusing reviews on we found that most campsite owners took their campers on hikes and tours, and enjoyed the experience.

D’Agostino has made the camping process just as easy for the campsite owners. Tentrr provides everything that a camspite owner needs to turn their property into a Tentrr approved site. It starts with a wooden base, large canvas tent, dome tent, metal grill, 5 gallon water container, dry food storage, lounge chairs, portable toilet and sun shower, that’s available on every single booking. Campers can request extra amenities like cots, firewood, air mattresses and more, for a nominal fee.

tentrr-2 Tentrr Is Airbnb For Effortless CampingMost Tentrr campsite rentals cost about the same as a stay at a local Howard Johnson, but the sites are absolutely amazing. There’s one site that was a world famous zoo ntil 2006 and another tucked away in the woods by a 5 acre beaver pond. Many are in the Catskills which lends itself to amazing opportunities for outdoor fun, recreation and picture perfect memories.  Most sites offer swimming, fishing or a nice walk in the woods. Most sites are also pet friendly, at no additional charge.  Also, Tentrr is safer than your local KOA campground because you’re camping on private property for a once in a lifetime experience.

We looked at a handful of sites and found that most of them would accommodate from 2 to 14 campers. They charge a nominal booking fee and provide maps to the exact campsite location. Now all you need to do is pack a bag, a toothbrush and probably some bug spray. Tentrr has thought of the rest.

Tentrr has raised two undisclosed rounds of funding in the last two years.

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