Fargo Fargo Startup House

Live, Work, Play, Startup In The Fargo Startup House

It doesn’t get much more “everywhere,” than Fargo, North Dakota. One of our most fundamental goals is to cover startups everywhere. In pursuit of this, we have been lead to Fargo. Fargo is home to the, aptly named, Fargo Startup House. The Startup House has just launched a new initiative, aimed at growing the North Dakota startup community:

The latest in a series of developments focused on cultivating a startup community, Fargo Startup House will bring six world-class tech entrepreneurs at a time to Fargo to live and work together as they build innovation-focused businesses.1

The Fargo Startup House stands out for a lot of different reasons. Firstly, it has a unique format. Rather than following the standard accelerator formula, the Startup House bucks the model. Rather than taking an equity stake, or charging for rent, the Fargo Startup House is 100% free for all companies selected:

Six participants will live together for six months in a remodeled house that is wired for Internet speed 100 times faster than their neighbors and decorated with original furniture and artwork. Unlike most business incubators or accelerators, these future stars are not charged a fee nor asked to give up a stake in their companies.2

Miguel Danielson, the founder of the Startup House, shared some of his motivation with The Washington TImes:

The commitment that we ask for is that they’ll devote 100 percent of their time while living here to the building of their businesses…I make no bones about the fact that the primary motive in this is to see something happen in a community that may not have ever happened if we had not built this house. To me, that’s of great value.3

Beyond free rent, the Startup House residents will receive:

  • Free utilities
  • Free fiber-optic, gigabit Internet
  • Mentorship from our panel of esteemed experts
  • Connections to local leader in tech, finance, legal
  • Free package of services to start your business
  • Help with grant funding (up to $40K) from the Sate of North Dakota4

You can apply to join the Fagro Startup House on their website: FargoStartupHouse.com

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