Columbus Startup To Begin Delivery Alcohol At Blue Jackets Games




Columbus Startup Refill Inks Big DealRefill-Top Columbus Startup To Begin Delivery Alcohol At Blue Jackets GamesRefill, a Columbus based startup that provides one hour alcohol delivery, has inked it’s first partnership with a professional sports franchise, reports the Columbus Business Journal.

The veteran founded startup was the brain child of US Air Force Intelligence Officer Anthony Reynolds a long with co-founder Joshua Walker. They incubated at the Lumos Enterprises LLC Business Incubator in Columbus Ohio.

“We’re ex-military guys. We focus on planning and strategy and execution,” Reynolds told the Columbus Business Journal. “Lumos has pushed us over the edge, given the extra oomph and the credibility,”

Refill, which is the brand name for Alcohol Deliveries LLC, is the app delivery provider for five Columbus area liquor stores. They are also working on partnerships with downtown bars trying to entice them to use their app for lengthy liquor deliveries.

The biggest news is their first partnership with the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets. Club level fans using the Arena app will be able to order alcohol to their seats without having to stand in line at the concession stand using the Refill app technology. Concession staffers  will fill those orders and bring the fans their alcoholic beverages. Fans will pay via the Arena app. Refill’s branding will be featured in the Arena app which was created by Major League Baseball Advanced Media LP. Fans using the Arena app for food will pay the staffer that brings the order. Alcohol sales will be billed through the app.

Walker and his team are hopeful that more professional sports franchises will utilize the Refill app within Arena.

The stand alone Refill app allows users to order alcohol a la carte and have it delivered to them in less than an hour. While providing a much needed convenience it also provides an element of safety for drinking adults. Everyone has had a party that’s run out of alcohol, now during hours that Refill is open, party go-ers even at private parties, can get more alcohol delivered. This prevents the least drunk person at the party from having to take a trip to the liquor store.

Cleveland is next up for Refill. They’ve already partnered with four area liquor stores to roll out their delivery services.

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