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Need A Hug? Parihug Has You Covered [CES 2017]

Connected Teddy Bears Allow You To Give Hugs From Miles Away

Parihug-Brian-Dom Need A Hug? Parihug Has You Covered [CES 2017]

photo: nibletz.com

The 20 year old woman behind one of the cutest, and most innovative startups at CES this year, was taking a split second break to eat when we rolled up to the Parihug booth. We were excited about meeting the infamous Xyla Foxlin, who’s been featured everywhere from Mashable to USA Today. We got to exchange pleasantries and then she turned over two of her team members for a fun filled interview.

We got to meet Dom the designer of Parihug and Brian the company’s CTO. There’s nothing like getting two twenty something entrepreneurs to talk about hugging and teddy bears. Before you watch the video though, let’s get down to business.

Foxlin created Parihug when her and her boyfriend had to transition to a long distance relationship. Now sure there are tele-presence robots, audio transmitting devices, smart rings and of course FaceTime, but Foxlin wanted something different. She craved hugs from her boyfriend, something that kissing the camera at the top of your iPhone or iPad just can’t emulate. So the Case Western entrepreneur went to work.

Parihug is a Wifi and Bluetooth enabled teddy bear that vibrates when it’s hugged by another bear or by a command on an accompanying app. The bears can also be hooked up to a Fitbit so the users actual heartbeat can be sent as haptic feedback to the other bear. The app for Parihug can be synced with multiple bears. So if you happen to be a traveling parent with three young kids at home you can send a signal to hug all three of them at the same time.

Parihug-Nibletz-Bear Need A Hug? Parihug Has You Covered [CES 2017]

photo: nibletz.com

Now this all sounds amazing, if you’re a kid or in a relationship but there’s also science involved. The physical connection in a hug release Oxytocin (known as the love hormone) throughout the system. Many early childhood development specialists insist that Oxytocin is incredibly important especially in kids aged 2-7. The affects of Oxytocin help establish relationships later in life.

Parihug can be found here on the interwebs.

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