CES 2017 Oregon

Fireside Audio Box To Debut At CES 2017

Real Estate professional turned scientific artisan Tyrone Hazen has created something that combines the wonders of science with a luxurious conversation piece for the home. He calls it the Fireside Audio Box. The project was conceived and worked on at some of San Diego’s maker spaces including E::Space Labs and DIY Cave.

Hazen, who was a physics major in college, created something scientifically referred to as a Ruben’s Tube. It’s a perforated metal pipe filled with fuel gas. When the fuel source is lit above the Ruben’s Tube and sound enters one end , the sound waves can be seen in the movement of the flames. Hazen has hidden the scientific parts which include a camp sized propane tank and battery power, in a beautifully crafted bamboo box. The Fireside Audio Box would look great in the living room.

Once complete and encased in the bamboo box, the Fireside Audio Box is like a little box of dancing flames.

Hazen took his creation to Kickstarter where he raised $38, 127 in 30 days which was good for 200 units. But more than that, he caught the eye of a national manufacturer which the bendbulletin.com reports, Hazen is keeping confidential. Hazen went to work in Bend Oregon to figure out how to fulfill that large order.

In Bend he was able to connect with an American owned agent in China called Weiguo Solutions. “They introduced me to a factory, Now I’m waiting on figuring out what the prices are actually going to be on these units.” Hazen told bendbulletin.com

While Hazen weighs the profitability in the 10,000 unit order he will be busy preparing the 200 units ordered on Kickstarter for April delivery. He’s teamed up with a Chinese factory for this small order. He’s also going to see what kind of interest he can garner by showing off the Fireside Audio Box at Eureka Park, CES 2017’s startup hub at the Sands Conference Center.