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Charleston Entrepreneur Brings Toys To Life [3686]

We got to spend a little time with Krissa Watry at the 3686 conference in Nashville.  Watry is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Dynepic a company that exists in most kids’ imaginations at some point in their lives.

Whether you’re day dreaming that your toy dinosaur is walking up the side of a building, or that you’re flying through a galaxy with Buzz Lightyear, that’s about to become a reality.

Watry’s Dynepic pods bring toys to life by creating retro fit kits for current toys on the market that make those toys “smart toys”. Watry is in a space she calls “the internet of toys” and for good reason.

When Watry made her 90 second pitch on stage she had a Buzz Lightyear toy in hand and talked about how Lightyear could come to life.  In the demo area, that the conference organizer’s called “Village 36” she showed us an iPad game that had Lightyear navigating his way through space.

The sky is the limit and the way to make toys smarter is infinite. Watry hopes that a whole variety of toys can be brought to life with the help of Dynepic. For now Watry is focused on licensing to toy manufacturers and giving old toys new life.

If it sounds like she wants to bring Toy Story to life, she does. And of course she pointed out that a Toy Story 4 movie is coming soon.

Checkout dynepic.com for more info.