Chattanooga Dynamo Accelerator

Dynamo Accelerator opens doors to logistics startups

A brand new, first-of-its-kind accelerator program just opened its doors. Dynamo, based in Chattanooga, Tenn., is leaping head-first into one of the fastest growing industries: logistics and supply chain management. The accelerator is accepting applications until 8 May 2016.

dyn Dynamo Accelerator opens doors to logistics startups

The Dynamo Accelerator is but one aspect of the whole. In addition to the three-month program, Dynamo also manages a $12 million early stage fund, again, with a focus on the logistics industry. The accelerator proper will have a $3 million budget from which to draw from for funding and program costs.

Dynamo-1 Dynamo Accelerator opens doors to logistics startups

It is 2016 and logistics is no longer about slow freight and air pollution. The evolution of the industry – from steamboat to stealth drone – and the opportunity for innovation are tangible. And Dynamo is the premier logistics, transportation, and supply chain accelerator ready to help your business idea truck ahead into the future.1

The founders of the program believe that the tie is ripe for major upgrades to the logistics industry. The industry is growing at an incredible rate, but it still relies on decades-old technology to drive it. Ted Alling, the Managing Director of Dynamo, said as much in a statement:

Transportation and logistics is a blue-collar industry–still relying on aging technology and infrastructure–that has been overlooked by venture capital for decades, which presents Dynamo with the perfect storm…More freight passes through Chattanooga, TN, every day than any other metropolitan area in America. As a result, Chattanooga has become a major logistics hub for the eastern United States, with large-scale shippers, carriers, warehouses, barge operators and rail yards in our backyard.2

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