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Austin Startup Fashion Metrics Is Now Bold Metrics

bold-metrics-logo-280 Austin Startup Fashion Metrics Is Now Bold MetricsFashion Metrics is a startup originally from Los Angeles that moved to Austin to go through the Techstars Austin program. Like many that visit Austin, they stayed because they love it and then they were able to raise $1.3 million dollars to support their company. Texas billionaire investor Mark Cuban is even a backer.

Fashion Metrics got it’s name and it’s start by using data science to help consumers find their perfect fit either online or in store, reports AustinInno.  The company found innovative ways to use algorithms and data to discover customers measurements.

Now they’ve realized that this type of data capture can be used across other industries, including sporting equipment and virtual reality avatar creation. Imagine having to outfit a 50 person football squad. Using this technology it could all be done at the same place, without even leaving the locker room.

These new verticals in the business sparked a new name; Fashion Metrics is now Bold Metrics.

“We know that the utility and application of body measurements can go beyond apparel,” Bold Metrics Co-Founder and CEO Daina Burnes told AustinInno. “So the name Fashion Metric is kind of narrow for exploring these other areas.”

Bold Metrics can use their proprietary algorithm for sports equipment and virtual reality avatars and get “highly accurate” measurements in just milliseconds from the user.

“The core of our technology is really in actively predicting someone’s body measurement,” Burnes told Silicon Hills News. “The initial market was in apparel. But we believe the applications for body measurement is much greater than just apparel.”