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Dallas Startup TacSwipe Is Tinder For Guns

See, Swipe, Shoot With Dallas Startup TacSwipe

Tacswipe-top Dallas Startup TacSwipe Is Tinder For Guns

TacSwipe answers the question “where can I find someone who has the hunting or tactical gear I want.” The team behind the Dallas startup has created a familiar, easy to use interface that makes buying and selling used guns, archery equipment and other tactical gear, as easy as Tinder.

Users sign up for an account, take pictures of the gear they are selling, add some info about the gear and voila. Buyers can simply swipe through the app until they find the gear that they are looking for. Just like Tinder you swipe left to discard and right to engage. If you agree with the price, you move to the next stage, if you’re the negotiating type you can do that too.

As you scroll through the app looking at gear if something catches your eye and you’re not quite ready to do the transaction you can “favorite” it by sticking it in your vault. When you’re ready to go back to your vault and start making offers and negotiating with sellers you can do it right there on the app. Once the transaction is over the buyer and the seller can rate each other making the community stronger.

This is all totally legal and just like the newspaper or Craigslist it’s up to the buyers and sellers (not Tacswipe) to insure that the buyer is licensed and able to purchase a gun within the laws of whatever state they live in.

The creators of TacSwipe including founder Dave Ahrlett and Jay Reed are sporting enthusiasts and responsible shooters. While the app is foremost about connecting buyers and sellers, they are also growing a large community of hunting, sporting and gun enthusiasts. As they transact with one-another the community will continue to grow.

If your struggling with where to upgrade your collection because all of these Gander Mountains are closing, look no further than TacSwipe in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store and at