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UVA’s iLab Brings The Heat To South By Southwest

iLab, UVA’s Startup Incubator, Shows Off Three Strong Startups At South By Southwest

1degree-team-11 UVA's iLab Brings The Heat To South By Southwest

The UVA team behind 1degree at South By Southwest 2017

This year for South by Southwest’s annual trade show, the University of Virginia’s W.L. Lyon Brown III Innovation Laborator (i.Lab for short) brought three startups down to Austin. All three startups continue to work on their companies after incubating through the iLab program.

Contraline launched by students and faculty from the UVA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the UVA School of Medicine, is a biotechnology company developing a long-lasting, nonhormonal and reversible male contraceptive. Contraline’s first product, Echo-V, is a polymer gel that is implanted nonsurgically via a novel medical procedure called Vasintomy.  The company recently opened up a permanent lab on Harris Street in Charlottesville.  They are working on a gel based product that will revolutionize male contraception.

Critical Flow, founded by alumni from the UVA School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is a technology company offering clients water recycling products and creative solutions to reduce their water footprint. Critical Flow launched its first line of products, Grayworks, in late 2016 to reclaim shower, laundry and sink water, otherwise known as graywater for beneficial reuse.  Their technologies enable buildings, campuses and communities to reuse more water than they import.

1 Degree, who we interviewed at South By Southwest, was founded by two Darden MBA students. Their platform allows users to have two minute 1 on 1 Facetime conversations with the influencers and celebrities that impact their lives the most. 1 degree allows these influencers to hold auctions for their valuable time and then donate the proceeds from the auctions to their favorite charity.

“The i.Lab at UVA accepts approximately 25 startups into a highly competitive, immersive annual incubator program that enables entrepreneurs to take their ventures to the next level,” said Jason Brewster, i.Lab Incubator program director.

iLab is  university wide initiative that helps student led startups through mentoring, coaching, product and business development. They partner with entrepreneurial leaders from across the region to cultivate the startup ecosystem at UVA and the surrounding community in Charlottesville.

UVA joined Texas A&M, Texas State Univesity, The University of Texas, and Michigan State University with an official university entrepreneurial and startup presence at the show.