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LISNR And SnowShoe, I’m Lovin It

LISNR-1 LISNR And SnowShoe, I'm Lovin ItCincinnati based LISNR and Madison based SnowShoe have been hard at work at their products for the past couple of years. We first covered Snowshoe back in the 2012 when our “sneaker strapped road trip” took us to Madison Wisconsin right after Chicago Tech Week.  SnowShoe has developed some very interesting, exciting and easy to use technology that creates a platform for interaction between the virtual and physical world.

We first heard about Cincinnati based LISNR when Cincinnati Startup Weekend lead Chris Ridenour told us about it a few years back. We also became friendly with LISNR’s business development manager Jillian Zatta through her work with The Brandery class of 2012.  LISNR has created a technology that uses tones that are inaudible to the human ear, to create engagements and interactions with things on people’s smartphones.  For example, at a Budweiser event LISNR was able to use these inaudible tones to activate action related offers, or calls to action. It’s some pretty amazing technology and the company has already worked with some pretty amazing clients, like J. Cole 

Late last year we heard that new SXSW sponsor McDonald’s was going to hold pitch contests where some lucky startups would be able to pitch and win meetings with C-Level executives at the world’s largest fast food chain.  McDonald’s was looking for three categories of startups in two main areas, experience and logistics. While some startup chatter across the socialsphere questioned the kind of startups that would want to pitch at a McDonald’s event, both LISNR and SnowShoe, who’ve both been working on their products for the past few years, have traction, customers and have raised money, pitched McDonald’s.

They both did an amazing job.

Watching their pitch videos below you’ll quickly see how both technologies would fit into the McDonald’s of the not-s0-distant future.

Here SnowShoe talks about how their stamp technology could be integrated with a number of in-store experiences including Happy Meal Toys.


In this video former Proctor & Gamble Executive turned startup founder, Rodney Williams, pitches LISNR to McDonald’s. LISNR has already amassed a client list that would make several startup heads turn, but again, after watching the video you can see how LISNR would be a perfect fit for McDonalds.



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