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Veteran Creates Temple Massager Keeps Entire Process In The USA

Temple Massager Is The Result Of A Veteran’s 20 Year Journey To Create Drug Free Calming For Veterans, Service Members and People

Meisch-Temple-Massager Veteran Creates Temple Massager Keeps Entire Process In The USA

Anyone who gets migraines, regular headaches, has neck pain or cranial facial problems, knows all too well the very quick temporary relief you can get from rubbing your temples. Of course your hands could get tired and you could need them for other things. Also, sitting at your desk rubbing your temples instead of getting your work done may not be the best move to make.

“The temple area is a very sensitive area and a very important area to relax” Dr. Mark Abramson, Founder of Stanf0rd University’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Clinic at Stanford Medical Center said.

“Near the end of my military career as a Combat Engineer and college student I was under heavy stress. I started to develop pain in my lower jaw area, began to poke and prod at my facial muscles with my sunglasses and the thought came to me that I needed to buy a temple massager tomorrow.” retired serviceman Joe Meisch said.

A temple massager sounded like a great idea to Meisch. He was looking for a device that could massage his temples, with the same speed and pressure,  that was also hands free. After realizing that there was no temple massager available, he set out to make one himself. That was in September of 1997. By 2008, after lots of research and prototypes, Meisch finally had a patent on his temple massager and products ready to go.

Now if you suffer any kind  of headache pain, neck pain or facial pain you’re probably thinking this is the most brilliant idea you’ve ever heard. You’re probably thinking in 2008 Meisch was ready to make millions of dollars.

Well before he set out to become the next big entrepreneur, he wanted to give back to the service, to the veterans, because without his time in the service he may not have found the need for temple massagers. “I started giving my product away to service members and veterans and over the course of 7 years gave away 1,300 of them.” Meisch said.

The next thing he wanted to do was find investors. He found plenty of investors interested in the Temple Massager, but all of them wanted him to have it manufactured in China, and that didn’t quite sit right with this veteran. He said no to all of these investors and went out on the journey himself.

Now the Temple Massager is available in a variety of colors and exciting designs that will appeal to men and women in the service and in civilian life. It comes in a pouch to safely store it when it’s not in use. Even the pouch is made in the USA.

The Temple Massagers are available here starting at  $39.95 in a variety of designs, and Meisch has a few other items for people looking for drug free pain relief on his site.