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Friends, Romans, Biobots Print Me An Ear [TechCrunch Disrupt]

biobots1 Friends, Romans, Biobots Print Me An Ear [TechCrunch Disrupt]So in season one of the HBO original hit comedy Silicon Valley, Pied Piper wants to know if they can find out right away about going to the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Finals, rather than waiting for the other teams to pitch. After Biobots went first in the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015 Battlefield competition on Monday afternoon, I was hoping they could just be crowned the winner.

This innovative company that’s 3D printing cells, and body parts to help others, blew most of the audience away.

I mean come on, when you’re talking about saving lives, versus an app to make your creative posts better on the internet, the body parts win hands down.

In over 5 years of covering TechCrunch Disrupt events I’ve never seen such a solid pitch from solid founders. I can’t wait to see what Tuesday brings. There were some amazing startups on Monday but nothing came close to the significant life changing technology of Biobots.

Biobots was flawless in their pitch despite the fact that they were probably very nervous. For the demo they printed Van Gogh’s missing ear. Admittedly they had to do that demo ahead of time because the demo would take longer than the allotted time slot. However, even if it takes an hour to print the cells for an operation it beats the current regenerative processes available to hospitals and doctors now. Currently, regenerative medicine typically takes machines the size of rooms and several highly skilled people.

The Biobots 3D cell printing machine is much smaller, cheaper and far more efficient. It’s not a stretch to think that doctors could use Biobots to print cells, and body parts in countries that don’t readily have access to important medicine like transplants.

Biobots was able to wow the crowd even more with an announcement Monday that they would begin selling common kits needed for things like cartilage.

You can find out more about Biobots here.