CES 2016 Virtual Reality

360Heros – 360° video capturing mounts | CES 2016

As we told you yesterday, there were a whole bunch of different virtual reality applications and software programs at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. While there have been some pretty remarkable developments in VR, it seems that much less attention is being placed on capturing the video required for VR, at least from a consumer standpoint. Well, there were a few really cool capturing devices.

360 360Heros - 360° video capturing mounts | CES 2016

360Heros has built a whole line of virtual reality 360° video gear. The beauty of all of the 360Heros products is that they are mounts for existing cameras. Often, the companies in this space will try to sell you their own cameras. The company, however, has built mounts specifically for GoPro cameras.

So the mounts are just that, mounts that allow you to capture video in 360°. That said, the company has a whole range of partners that provide the stitching software to put together all the different videos to make virtual reality content. Anyhow, Abby had a chance to ask the 360Heros team a few questions about the platform during CES: