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Move Over Rock Band, Imex Media Will Amaze You [sxsw]

Rock Band and Guitar Hero Fans Will Love RIFF.TVR From Imex Media

When USA Today wrote about the hottest things they saw at South By Southwest this year, we couldn’t agree more that Imex Media and RIFF.TV belonged on that list. We also agree that you can’t call this product “Rock Band meets VR” because the experience is so much more. However, once RIFF.TV hits the market it will be hard for anyone to take Rock Band or Guitar Hero seriously.

Rock Band and Guitar Hero allow players to pretend to play along with popular tracks from popular musicians. That’s about as far is it goes though. Players are restricted to stay within the box that Guitar Hero and Rock Band put them in.

rifftvr-1 Move Over Rock Band, Imex Media Will Amaze You [sxsw]

RIFF.TV offers a completely immersive musical experience. With this virtual reality product, musicians, music fans and VR enthusiasts can go as deep as they want to in the world of music. Users can create an entire musical experience. They can sing their own song or play drums, guitar, or keyboards in a small room or on a stadium stage. Of course you can also play along with popular tracks.

For fun, users can play along with their favorite bands, like any Rock Band party or create their own music. There’s also a karaoke mode. Imagine belting out your favorite 90’s slow jam in front of 33,000 fans.

Users will be able to edit their experience and then play in it anyway they want. Users will be able to change instruments, lighting and camera angles for the ultimate in 2D and 360 degree music videos.

There’s even more to RIFF.TVR for labels and artists. They’ll be able to aggregate audience for discovery, speed up time to market, have music exposed on multiple VR systems. There’s also more revenue available to artists in the form of expansion pack sales.

We’re just a few months away from launch and you can stay up to date here.