CES 2016 Virtual Reality

Vrtify Virtual Reality Music Platform

It seems that just about every International Consumer Electronics Show is billed as the beginning of a breakthrough year for virtual reality. This year was no different. Whatever your opinion of virtual reality is, there is no doubt that the various platforms have taken tremendous steps in the last few years.

Reading about tech and hearing all the grandiose claims can make one jaded about the future of virtual reality. It is hard to remember that the overwhelming majority of people have had no interaction with virtual reality at all. That fact was on display when Abby and I were able to check out the Vrtify booth at CES last week. She had never experience virtual reality before, and her response was incredible:

VR Vrtify Virtual Reality Music Platform

Vrtify is really a pretty interesting app. Essentially, it allows users to experience music in virtual reality. Right now, that consists of experiencing things like concerts or festivals. It is a really solid app, and its website tools allow users to create and put together different virtual reality programs.

While Vrtify is indeed a great app, with a huge list of features and capabilities, our time at the booth was about much more than the app. As I noted above, it has become incredibly easy for those of us who see all the new tech constantly to become jaded. Seeing Abby’s – again, she had never experienced virtual reality – response to Vrtify was a valuable reminder of the power of technology. Features, capabilities, and specs are great, but her response is what it is all about. Check out the video below to see what I am talking about: