The average American will spend $567 on a new smartphone this year, according to Statista. High-end models can cost much more. That’s nothing to sneeze at, so when we make that investment, we want to keep our mobile devices safe. Smartphone insurance theoretically safeguards against theft, loss, out-of-warranty malfunctions, and accidental damage, but policies can be restrictive when claiming for common problems like cracked screens and broken digitizers. The following proactive measures can complement insurance coverage and keep your smartphone safe.

Screen Protectors Prevent Screen Scratches

Screen protectors used to be mandatory, but with advances in technology, many smartphone users decided they didn’t need them anymore. Modern smartphones tend to feature screens made from Gorilla Glass, a tough material that can withstand scratches from keys and even knives, according to the YouTube videos!

But that doesn’t mean screen protectors don’t have a place in the modern world. According to How-To Geek, some common materials like sand and hard rocks will scratch Gorilla Glass. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, the extra layer of reassurance the screen protector provides is invaluable. Even a cheap plastic screen protector will help, but for real protection, spend a little more, and choose a tempered glass variety.

Protective Cases Cushion Vulnerable Corners


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While smartphone screens might seem vulnerable, experts say a phone’s edges and corners are much more susceptible to damage. Even a minor impact can do serious harm to these parts. You can reinforce your phone’s corners and edges by storing it inside a protective case. Many manufacturers subject their cases to stringent testing, so you can feel confident that they’ll provide the best protection. Look for cases made from special materials or with cutouts that let you use your phone’s features without ever removing it from its protective cocoon.

Ring Mounts Prevent Accidental Droppage

While protective cases minimize the damage dropping your phone causes, they can’t eliminate the risk altogether. According to BGR, a ring mount is the only way to truly protect your phone from drops.

Ring mounts have a metal ring attached to a plastic piece that affixes to the back of any smartphone or smartphone case. You simply slide your finger onto the ring, just like you would a piece of jewelry, for the most secure grip on your phone. Even if your phone slips from your grasp, the ring will catch on your pointer finger so your device doesn’t fall.

Be Smart When You’re Using Your Smartphone

Many of our ordinary habits can leave our smartphones vulnerable. Thinking more carefully about where we are and what we’re doing when we’re using our smartphones can minimize the risk of damage.

It should go without saying that using your smartphone while you’re driving is a bad idea. You might not realize that activities like sending a text while you’re walking or making a call while you’re jogging are also dangerous. When your attention is divided between your smartphone and another activity, it’s easy to miss tripping hazards. Fall with your smartphone on the road or concrete, and your device is likely to sustain some damage.

You should also keep your phone away from hazards. Making a call by a swimming pool or snapping a photo of your dish while you’re cooking over open flames are both risky behaviors. You might not drop your phone, but then again you might. And if you do, your smartphone will probably suffer some serious harm. Do you really want to take the chance?

Choose a Phone With Protective Qualities

Some phones have safeguards that make them less vulnerable to damage than others on the market. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is water- and dust-resistant, so you can feel more comfortable taking it camping or to the beach. Phones like this don’t skimp on the features you love either. They have a large number of compatible apps, high-quality cameras, and are available through trusted communications providers like T-Mobile.

Taking protective measures before damage occurs can help your smartphone look good and function well long after its warranty ends.