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Verizon’s New Plan Sparks Intervention From John Legere

T-Mobile CEO Hints At Verizon’s Mid Life Crisis

Verizon-Midlife-Crisis Verizon's New Plan Sparks Intervention From John Legere

Verizon recently unve iled a new plan to it’s subscribers. This plan is different. While T-Mobile and Sprint are hammering away at unlimited calling for the data hungry American populous, Verizon is offering a capped data plan. Call it old fashioned, as T-Mobile CEO John Legere does, but Verizon’s new plan is $55 for 5gb of data.

Of course even that plan comes with restrictions. The small print says that $55/mo = $40 promo 5gb plan access fee plus $20 line access fee, less $5 auto pay enrollment discount. 1 smartphone only, Maximum 3 lines. Paper free billing required. Subject to Verizon Wireless agreements, calling plans and other charges.

Verizon is using, what some view as antiquated research, to contend that two out of three Americans don’t use all of the data they currently have. Rather than rolling it over, as rival AT&T does, they want to put as many customers as possible into a 5gb bucket.

The nation’s largest carrier once offered unlimited plans however as they rolled out their nationwide LTE network they did away with unlimited data. They offer a smorgasbord of different plans that all included unlimited talk and text and XX amounts of data.

While there probably are some Americans that would be just fine with unlimited data, as smartphones become more important in daily lives, restrictions seem a little silly.

T-Mobile’s revolutionary and sometimes outspoken CEO John Legere took to the official T-Mobile blog, as well as his Twitter account to suggest Verizon is going through a mid-life crisis. Citing readily available psychological research Legere show’s why Verizon is going through a midlife crisis on the T-Mobile blog:

  1. It’s got a new look.

    1. New logo. New spokesperson. New streaming service.
  2. It’s trying to reinvent itself & throwing money around like the end is near

    1. AOL, Yahoo!, Hearst, Fleetmatics, et al. Rumors of buying Comcast
  3. It’s obsessed with youth

    1. Go90, Complex, AwesomenessTV = Millennials, millennials, millennials!
  4. It’s questioning its sense of self

    1. Finally eliminated contracts!!  Finally made Safety Mode free!!
  5. And now, a fifth sign that Verizon’s hitting peak midlife crisis:  They’re totally idealizing the past.

The entire thing is absolutely hilarious, and of course Legere is right. Head over to the T-Mobile blog for more, and check out Verizon’s next phone offering below.

Motorola-Flip-Verizon Verizon's New Plan Sparks Intervention From John Legere

  • Gustywind

    What a crock! I have a $35 plan with Verizon. I am looking elsewhere for an honest plan if any exist. My $35 plan with all the Fees, bottom line is $70! $35 basic+$20 line access+Round up $10 Insurance+$5 misc. fees and taxes. Time for the people to start striking back the best way they have…hit Verizon in the pocket by cancelling, going elsewhere, or just plain boycott this giant.