Funding Washington DC Women Lead Startups

Women Entrepreneurs In Washington DC Have A New Funding Option

BEACON Is Looking To Fund Female Founders

thebeacondc-top Women Entrepreneurs In Washington DC Have A New Funding Option

We first learned about Beacon at SXSW back in March. We spent some time with Shelly Bell at the WEDC house where she told us about The Beacon and Black Girl Vision. Beacon is a hub for female founders and business owners. The host events to help prop up women led businesses in the nation’s capital. Now they are looking to inject capital into women led companies via a grant program. DC reports that Beacon kicked off it’s new grant program at an event at Google DC on Thursday.  Women led organizations, startups and small businesses can submit proposals for new projects or to expand upon existing projects. The grants will range from $500-$10,000.

“This grant program seeks to accomplish two goals: Connect our local women-led organizations with one another to encourage community and knowledge, and find new, innovative ways to build and support female entrepreneurs in the district,” Xina Eiland, founder of X+PR and BEACON’s board member, said in a statement.

“While women’s entrepreneurship is on the rise, women still face disproportionate challenges gaining access to capital and other resources that businesses need to thrive. For this reason, the BEACON grant program is designed to incentivize collaboration, inclusiveness, and innovation within D.C.’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.” Beacon says on their website.

The grants are limited to organizations that are “DC Based” as defined by the standards below:

  • LOCATION: The organization’s principal office, CEO or high-level management is housed in DC. Organizations are not required to be headquartered in DC but must base their operations within the District. Applicants qualifying under “LOCATION” will have preference over those with no direct tie to DC.
  • IMPACT: The organization has demonstrated impact in DC (examples may include but are not limited to present, current or future programming, established partnerships, etc.). Applicants qualifying under this tier will be asked to elaborate in their application. Organizations planning to use partnerships to qualify under the “IMPACT” tier, should attempt to confirm the partnership before applying to the grant program.

Qualified applicants should head here to