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Bozeman Entrepreneur Offers New Take On Child Care

dinodropin-top Bozeman Entrepreneur Offers New Take On Child CareJessica Dehn Advances To Finals of InnovateHER Competition With Dino-Drop-In A New Spin On Child Care

Attribute it to millennials, entrepreneurs, Gen-Zers or whatever you want, but there has been a need for a new kind of child care for the past decade or so. The traditional child care model, where families pay a set amount a week and the kids go to child care a set number of hours a week is too rigid for many of today’s modern families.

Parents want to spend as much time as they can with their children. They don’t want to be burdened with paying for hours they aren’t going to use, just to save a “spot”. They also don’t want to hurt the provider by just not showing up. Parents also understand the necessity for child care. And at the same time, if a schedule change comes into play and they can spend more time with their kids, they want to be able to do that.

That’s why Jessica Dehn created Dino-Drop-In a Bozeman based child care center with flexible hours and affordable rates.

Parents can drop off their children aged 6-13 anytime that Dino is open. Dehn keeps a schedule of snack times, play times and activity times so that parents know when they drop their kids off what they will be doing. Then, families only pay for the time they are at the drop in center. In keeping with the times Dehn provides parents with a password protected login to a website with live cameras so they can check in on their kids.

Dehn’s model was good enough to win a local startup competition and garner the support of the Blackstone Launch Pad which wrote Dehn a letter in support of the national InnovateHER competition.

“The Dino model respects the autonomy of parents – providing childcare that does not interfere with their lifestyle or parenting preferences, and graciously providing the highest standard of care for students with special needs,” wrote Tiphani Lynn in the Blackstone LaunchPad’s letter of support for Dehn’s business. Lynn served as a Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA with the LaunchPad and organized the local competition.

“Without rigid commitments, the (Dino Drop-In) model allows parents to spend more time with their kids and to save time searching for quality, affordable, flexible childcare,” Lynn wrote.

“My favorite part of every day is supporting parents in reaching for their dreams,” Dehn said. “Many families are attaining higher education or building businesses of their own, and I am honored to be able to help them attain their goals by having quality, flexible childcare options for their families.”

Although Dehn is focused on her business and bringing Dino-Drop-In to the next level in the competition, the value for the model on a nationwide scale is clear. Many startup incubators and co-working spaces began offering childcare and then abandoned those plans because of distractions. Dehn’s model means that any parent or guardian with any kind of schedule can still have the child care they need for their children.

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