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Dallas Startup Pets OnSite Is A Bring Your Pet To Work Company Even Bosses Love

petsonsite-top Dallas Startup Pets OnSite Is A Bring Your Pet To Work Company Even Bosses Love

New pet startup, PetsOnsite helps employees brings pets onsite with mobile pet daycare (photo: petsonsite.com)

Pets Onsite Allows Employees To Bring Pets onsite Without Bringing Them Inside.

A recent survey showed that millennials are opting to wait longer for marriage and instead preferring to become pet owners first. As with everything these days, pet ownership looks a lot different in 2017 then it did even ten years ago.

There’s no shortage of pet startups innovating the pet marketplace. Pet parents can have toys and treats delivered to their homes every month in a “bark box” subscription. Some pet parents have even taken to YouTube for their dogs to do their own versions of the popular “unboxing” videos.

There are also a variety of mobile app based startups that are helping pet owners find everything from nutritious home baked treats, to dog parks, pet playmates and pet sitters. Cafes in every chic downtown area across America allow dogs on their patios and some even provide a menu just for your furry companion. Hotel chains, even high end ones like Lowes, cater to pets with special dog walking areas, “quiet rooms” and goodies when they arrive.

Technology like the PetCube allow pet owners to check on their dogs and cats remotely with their smartphones and even control a red laser to “play” with their dogs and cats remotely.

Another new trend for pet owners is bringing their dogs to work. This is often seen as cute and fun at first but most bosses see it as a distraction later on down the road. And of course you always run into that one customer that’s absolutely petrified of a four pound Dachshund.

The alternative for new pet owners is to organize their day so that they can have quick breaks to run home and take their dogs out for a walk. This of course causes interruption in the work day. It also causes stress for the employee.

Serial pet entrepreneur Mala Brough has a solution. The creator of the most popular mobil pet photo company in the world, Petclix, has launched a new company called Pets Onsite.

Pets Onsite allows employees to bring their doggos to work and leave them at an attended, on-site doggy daycare set up in a contemporary trailer on company property. The state of the art doggy daycare is far more than a kennel on wheels. Features include:

  • Climate Control
  • 60″ LCD TV playing dog TV
  • Wifi Pet Cameras
  • Pet Couches
  • Soothing Wall Fireplaces
  • Relaxing Music
  • Walks
  • Toys
  • Snack Time

Pet owners can visit with their dogs on their breaks and go out to lunch with their dogs. It gives the pet owners piece of mind knowing that their dogs are being well taken care of a few feet away rather than back at home or at a doggy daycare down the street. Anxiety levels go way down and of course, productivity goes way up.

“Employers are starting to realize that having a Millennial bring a pet to work wind up getting a more focused employee, someone more comfortable at the office and a person willing to work longer hours,” said Bob Vetere, president, and CEO of the American Pet Products Association said in a statement.

Employees typically pay for the service themselves, and of course the mobile pet daycare facilities are set up when there are multiple employees interested. Of course as an employee perk a company could opt to pay instead. Also, Pets Onsite gives dog owners access to mobile grooming, training, toys and products for purchase and even a vet if necessary.

“Most people consider their pets as their children. Pets Onsite provides a solution to allow employees to bring their furry children to work without the hassle, risk, and overhead to companies,” Brough said in a statement.

Check out this new innovative pet day care here at petsonsite.com