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Mom Creates Moonlite To Bring Story Time To Life

Google Engineer Creates Projection Device For Fairy Tales

moonlite-top Mom Creates Moonlite To Bring Story Time To Life

“If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairytales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Albert Einstein said that. That’s the lead quote on a Kickstarter project that’s about to come to life.

Natalie Rebot, a Google software engineer and a mother, has taken to Kickstarter to launch a genius device that will make story time more fun for parents and children. The device, called Moonlite, attaches to an iPhone and uses the phones flashlight to project images on the ceiling. The image reel looks looks like a Viewmaster reel. Images from fairytales are on the reel and as the reel is turned a different image is projected onto the ceiling.

Rebot loves reading to her daughter Chloe, but noticed that as her daughter got older she started to become disengaged with plain old story time.  She was looking for ideas to make story time more fun so she started using her iPhone’s flashlight to throw shadow puppets onto the ceiling. That was a big hit, but as software engineer at heart, Rebot knew she could do more.

moonlite-instory Mom Creates Moonlite To Bring Story Time To Life“The look in her eye as she was gazing at these shadows was incredible to witness,” Rebot told . “It was magic to her and I was the source of this magic. I knew there had to be a way to improve this and make it even more magical. “I pretty much scoured the internet and couldn’t find anything that would do what I was looking for, so like any diligent engineer, I decided to make something myself.”

An app accompanies the Moonlite device, and that’s where the magic starts. Rebot has put some of our favorite fairytales into the app, so the words for the story appear on the iPhone’s screen. She’s made it so the story syncs with the images on the reel, and uses a sync technology that will turn the pages of the story on the app. This way the parent can focus on the story and turning the reel, making story time more fun.

Moonlite starts off with seven fairytale stories. Rebot also packaged Kickstarter incentives with original Moonlite stories and the ability to do custom stories. The best part about Moonlite is the price. Unlike many other iPhone accessories, Rebot wanted to make sure that Moonlite was affordable for all families and it comes in at just $35.00.

The Kickstarter campaign ends later tonight. Rebot will be showing off Moonlite at the Toy Fair in New York at the Javitz Center next month.