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Kahoot! Enters Workforce Training World With Kahoot Plus

kahootplus-top Kahoot! Enters Workforce Training World With Kahoot PlusKahoot! Introduces Kahoot! Plus For Teams and Companies

The other day while perusing Twitter I saw a young lady who was attending a D1 college say “don’t you wish there was Kahoot, in real life” and that’s when we knew Kahoot is truly making it’s mark. Kahoot is a platform that turns learning into an easy to set up, interactive game.

In the K-12 environment, teachers can choose from millions of already made Kahoots (or games) on just about any subject matter, or, in a matter of minutes, whip up their own. It’s so simple, yet so fun and engaging for all grade levels.

Teachers and instructors grades K-16 are using Kahoot! in droves. The company reports over 50 million unique, monthly, active users, and it continues to grow.

Last month we were attending the EdNet conference in Scottsdale Arizona. We attended a panel on marketing to the edtech sector with Jacob Hanson, the Managing Director of PR With Panache and Chris Piehler. Piehler was the moderator and he used Kahoot! for easy audience interaction. That’s when we knew corporate people would love it too.

Kahoot! obviously thought the same thing as earlier this month they announced Kahoot! Plus for teams and companies. Now workforce trainers, HR departments, department heads, CEOs and more can use the same easy to use system that teachers are using every day, to make their training and meetings more fun and interactive.

Kahoot! didn’t just up and decide to create a version for corporate training. They found that many companies were using the school version for corporate training.

“more than a million corporate employees use Kahoot! for corporate training every month, including at 25% of the Fortune 500 companies, and usage has been growing at over 150% year-over-year.” the company said in a statement.

With Kahoot! Plus, corporate trainers, marketers, sales teams and other corporate teams can have a more private, organized, collaborative and company-branded experience compared to Kahoot!’s standard free offering.

“Billions of dollars and millions of hours are wasted on ineffective corporate training every year. All of us have suffered through dull presentation decks and boring training sessions,” said Erik Harrell, CEO, Kahoot!

kahootplus-2 Kahoot! Enters Workforce Training World With Kahoot Plus“A half million corporate trainers are already using the Kahoot! platform and have continually asked us to provide premium features. Today, we are excited to introduce Kahoot! Plus, which will give trainers, and their organizations, a customized and secure experience that will help them get an even greater return on their Kahoot! training and development investment. What’s more, by signing up for Kahoot! Plus, corporate users can do their part to help keep Kahoot! free for schools globally.”

Fortune 500 companies are already using Kahoot. Even some of the most popular startups in the world use it for training.

“Kahoot! has already brought about a world of a difference to training methods and employee performance within our organization with its non-traditional and joyful interface,” said Daan Luitse, Learning Lead – EMEA Community Operations at Uber.

Wondering how Kahoot! Plus is different? Here are some of the features found in Kahoot! Plus.

Engage your team with learning games

On Kahoot!’s learning game platform, the topic, format and number of questions are entirely up to the user. Create games to engage team members in learning, no matter their function or age, and bring fun to the workplace!

Share games and collaborate on game creation in a private, secure area

Invite trainers and other team members to Kahoot! Plus and share games and collaborate on game creation in your organization’s own private, secure area. All content in one spot!

Brand the games

With a Kahoot! Plus account, users can add their organization’s logo to all kahoots they create. It’s always better with a personal touch!

Drill through game reports

Love data? In Kahoot! Plus, trainers can view advanced reports on game results, down to the employee level. Find out what material employees are mastering and what learning areas trainers need to focus more on. With Kahoot! Plus, learners can attain more mastery of material, in turn, driving improved company performance and employee productivity. Cumulative individual reports by player are coming soon, too.

Get inspired with sample kahoots

With Kahoot! Plus, users have access to business-focused kahoot templates to get up and running – such as a template for sales training and new employee onboarding.